Best Smartphones of 2015

Best Smartphones 2015

It is never too late to choose the best handset irrespective of whether you have already made your choice, and even better news for those yet to pick up their choice of smartphones this festive season. In case you are still wondering which phone to pick among the dazzling lot; we are here to help you pick from among the best. Check out our reviews on the smartphones available in the market and evaluate for yourself.


Contract phone, SIM Only Contract, or Pay As You Go?

Contract phone SIM only or pay as you go

Pay As You Go

With over 89.9 million phone subscriptions in the UK in the first quarter of 2015 there are more phone contracts in the UK than there are people. At the time of writing SIM only plans have taken over pay as you go plans in the UK. If you have a poor credit rating or aren’t sure what your requirements are then you could take out a rolling SIM only contract at a better rate than pay as you go that you can cancel at any time. With this in mind, why would anyone use pay as you go in this day and age. Well many people use pay as you phones as a backup handset in case of an emergency, if they’re in a place of work and the landline goes down or if they need to make calls abroad for a period. Pay as you go SIMs get a great ‘backup’ choice and fill various niche uses requiring no credit check and minimal commitment.


How Much Mobile Internet Data Do You Actually Use?

Aside from the phone its self, mobile phone contracts generally provide a set monthly allowance of three different utilities – minutes, texts, and data. The amount of minutes and texts you use may be hard to pin down, however doing so is fairly self explanatory – a text is 160 characters. Anything longer than this will send as multiple texts, and a minute is, well, a minute. Pinning down how much data you use however can be much harder to visualise. It’s also worth noting at this point that if you see data allowance referred to as a download limit, this does not just refer to you saving a file locally to your computer. If you watch a video online or using Facebook you are effectively ‘downloading’ it where this term is concerned.


Take Your Tablet On The Go With a Mobile Internet Data SIM

Earlier this year the eMarketer predicted that by the end of 2015 over half of the UK population will use a tablet this year. Indeed, tablets have overtaken laptops and PCs in the household, but what about when you’re not in the house? A tablet is your portable portal to the internet. You can take it with you wherever you go, but if you can’t take the internet with you is there really any point?