Great mid range Android Phones 2015

If you’ve got around £200 burning a hole in your pocket you could buy yourself an Android phone to rival last year’s flagship. We’ve listed some of the top contenders for the mid-range android phones for Christmas 2015.

mid range android phone

1. Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) – £159 – £210

The phone of choice for those in the know, the Moto G has long been the industry standard in budget smartphones. Packing a near stock version of android the Moto G has that ‘google’ android feel. The form factor is a comfortable rubbery plastic with a dimple in the back that allows the phone to rest snugly in your palm. The superb build quality can be made to show your personality with an option to customise with coloured housing for an extra £20. The phone is more stylish and has a larger 5 inch screen compared to previous iterations. It is a capable handset depending on your price range, costing £210 for a 2G model. It’s only real shortcomings are the higher price than previous Moto Gs, and average front ant rear facing cameras. Tech Score 9/10

2. OnePlus X – £200

The OnePlus X is an Android phone with a superb build quality that rivals (and looks a lot like) any iPhone. You also get the kind of technical specifications of last year’s flagship devices – a powerful snapdragon CPU, a Full HD 5 inch screen, and 3GB of Ram. Unfortunately there is a catch – You’ll be lucky to get your hands on one due to OnePlus’ business model. The upstart is losing money on every device it sells in a bid to make a name for its self, so you’ll need to be invited if you want to buy the OnePlus X. Also as a start up you’ll be taking a minor leap of faith when it comes to future support (despite the near stock version of android) if you buy this device. Our verdict, if you’ve got time to wait for a response then enter into their invite system. It’s a steal at this price. Tech Score 8/10

3. Samsung A5 – £215

The Samsung A5 is an attractive handset with a quality camera. The 720 HD screen is bolstered by Samsung’s AMOLED technology giving it superior contrast even when compared to iPhones. The great camera, stylish metal unibody and vibrant screen give the Samsung a strong edge, with only a dated version of android (KitKat) holding it back. Tech Score 7.5/10