It is never too late to choose the best handset irrespective of whether you have already made your choice, and even better news for those yet to pick up their choice of smartphones this festive season. In case you are still wondering which phone to pick among the dazzling lot; we are here to help you pick from among the best. Check out our reviews on the smartphones available in the market and evaluate for yourself.

While we are about to bid goodbye to 2015, it is worth looking at those smartphones that topped the chart this year. Check out this handy buying guide that will explain everything from which operating system you should go for to the screen life, battery and performance.

Our Favourite Smartphone of 2015

To begin with, let us look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which has fast become one of the most desirable phones across the globe despite it being quite expensive. Though the phone looks slim and elegant it has sharp edges. However, the best part is the strong hardware and the durable screen with a fast processor and a great all round camera. Its 2,560 x 1,440 Super AMOLED display is another great positive, producing vibrant rich colours and ultra-deep dark blacks. Its also has a great 16-megapixel camera. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is around £716 and supports both 3G and 4G wireless data.

Best Smartphones of 2015 for Those on a budget

If you are looking at a budget phone which is both attractive and durable, check out the 3rd Gen Moto G which boasts of a large 5inch HD screen along with an equally striking 13 megapixel camera with a durable and powerful battery life. What’s more, it comes with 4G support and a micro SD card slot which makes it an all round phone to suit almost everyone’s pocket. It is priced at £159 currently.

Something a bit Left Field

Next in tow are the Sony Xperias Z5 and Z5 Compact. The Xperia Z5 is known for its LCD display which is not only striking for its superb display screen but also for its brightness and sharpness which in a way outperforms most smartphones today. To top it, you also have the frosted glass which increases your grip on the phone preventing it from falling. Security is also top quality in this phone with a built-in fingerprint sensor keeping your phone secure. It is priced at £549 at the moment. The Xperia Compact like its name comes handy and compact although the resolution is not as good as the Xperia Z5. Xperai Compact in a way is a miniature of the former and does boast of great display and beautiful design. It comes at £429 only and is pretty budget friendly.

The iPhone

Our reviews cannot culminate without looking at the Apple iPhone 6 which created a wave this year in markets across the globe. With a 4.6 inch display and super fast processor, the Apple iPhone 6 is every individual’s dream. What’s more, this time, you have a stronger battery life and strike the perfect balance between screen size and physical size. Presently it is priced at £619.

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