Pay As You Go

With over 89.9 million phone subscriptions in the UK in the first quarter of 2015 there are more phone contracts in the UK than there are people. At the time of writing SIM only plans have taken over pay as you go plans in the UK. If you have a poor credit rating or aren’t sure what your requirements are then you could take out a rolling SIM only contract at a better rate than pay as you go that you can cancel at any time. With this in mind, why would anyone use pay as you go in this day and age. Well many people use pay as you phones as a backup handset in case of an emergency, if they’re in a place of work and the landline goes down or if they need to make calls abroad for a period. Pay as you go SIMs get a great ‘backup’ choice and fill various niche uses requiring no credit check and minimal commitment.

Contract Phone

If you buy a contract phone you get a complete package. Many carriers offer a range of recently released handsets with free or discounted with a monthly calls texts and data package. These contracts may range from £10 per month with a budget phone and a small amount of calls and data, up to £50, £60, £70 per month for the latest iPhone and plentiful minutes, texts and data. These contracts generally last 2 years and are the most popular contract choice for their low upfront costs. You can also expect more support from your phone carriers should anything go wrong with your contract handset, when compared to handsets bout separately, particularly after the 1st year.

SIM only

At UK Mobile Phone Deals we are strong advocates of SIM only contracts for a host of reasons. As we mentioned before rolling SIM only contracts are available removing the commitment of what can be £1000+ phone contracts. If you go SIM only you aren’t bound by whatever handsets your preferred phone carriers are offering at that time, and buying a phone outright generally works out cheaper in the long run. There are exceptions to this rule. Some handsets may be contract only on release, and carriers sometimes offer deals, such as on end of life phones that make getting a phone on contract better value.

Each contract type has its benefits. If you are happy with the long-term commitment of phone and don’t want to shell out for the cost of a handset upfront. But before you make up your mind, make sure you look at the total cost of your phone and utilities with each contract type.

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