Best iPhone Deals in the UK.

Find the best iPhone deals in the UK. Do not pay more than you have to for your mobile.

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Things to consider:

Do you want to buy the phone outright to use with a pay as you go or SIM only contract, or do you want to purchase the handset on finance as part of your monthly phone bill?

Typically with new iPhones on contract you need to pay some sort of initial outlay at the beginning of your contract. An iPhone 6s contract may start at around £55 per month plus an initial outlay of £10 for a 16GB model, with a bigger initial outlay on a 64GB or 128GB model. If you buy an iPhone 6S outright prices will start at about £485 for the 16 GB model. You’ll then have to buy a contract to effectively use your phone as a phone and mobile internet device, but if you can afford the initial outlay this is generally the cheaper option.


Which iPhone do you want?

We’ve already covered the difference in cost for a 16GB iPhone as compared to a 128GB iPhone, but which one do you need? IOS 9 is a very lightweight operating system in terms of storage uptake, using only 1.3GB of space compared to IOS 8’s 4.58GB. That means on a 16GB iPhone you’ll have 14.7GB of space left for apps, games, pictures, music, videos and other files. I photo taken on an iPhone 6S with take up around 2.8MB of space and a 5 minute music track will take up double that. This means you could theoretically fit around 5250 photos or 2625 songs on your 16GB iPhone, if you had nothing else one there.

But it’s not just storage size that can vary depending on your iPhone choice. Many phone carriers sell older iPhone models at a cheaper rate than the 6S. On EE a 16GB iPhone 6 that looks nearly identical to a 6S can be had for £5 less a month with an initial cost of £9.99 as opposed to £49.99. Go SIM only and you can take this approach to the extreme, with a refurbished iPhone 3GS popping up on eBay at the time of writing. It is important to remember that older phones lack the support newer phones receive and technical specifications increase dramatically year on year, but if you favour an older model then savings could be made.


Get a suitable minutes, texts data plan.

If you’re spending money on a premium phone like a new iPhone then make sure you have a suitable package for using it. iPhones have proven their worth with their overwhelming popularity and high resale values, but their high contract cost makes iPhone contracts expensive to buy out of should they not be sufficient for your needs. As iPhones are such popular handsets the best iPhone deals are normally bundled with a contract SIM. Go with a contract that covers your needs, add up the costs across the full contract period, and decide whether the initial outlay is worth the long term savings (if indeed there are any).