Earlier this year the eMarketer predicted that by the end of 2015 over half of the UK population will use a tablet this year. Indeed, tablets have overtaken laptops and PCs in the household, but what about when you’re not in the house? A tablet is your portable portal to the internet. You can take it with you wherever you go, but if you can’t take the internet with you is there really any point?

You can get mobile data on your smartphone plan and it’s great for checking emails and Facebook on the go, and maybe even watching the odd video, but if you’re going on a holiday or a business trip we believe that when you get back to the hotel nothing beats putting down your 4 inch screen and picking up your 10 inch screen to while away the hours and keep in tough with the world. That’s where mobile data SIMs come in and there are 3 options – a data contract that includes your tablet, a SIM only contract, and a Prepaid SIM card.

A data SIM that includes your tablet

We’ve just told you that over half the UK population likely has a tablet, so why should you opt for a contract that includes a tablet? Well, what this statistic proves is that tablets are popular, and there are many good reasons for that, but as a rule they tend to need replacing more often than desktop and laptop computers, and it might be time for you to upgrade. Another reason for a contract tablet is that not all tablets come with SIM card slots. Finally, you may be one of the late adopters, and with data SIMs becoming increasingly affordable, now is a great time to start using a tablet.

SIM only contract

If you have a tablet with a SIM card slot a SIM only data contract is likely the best value for money. £25 per month will likely get you 8GBs of data allowance a month – Enough to stream 20 hours of video at 420p.

Pre Paid SIM card

Unlike a smart phone, which lives in your pocket and keeps you updated throughout the day, a tablet is more likely to be subject to heavy use every once in a while, whenever taken out of the house, such as on a holiday trip. These holiday trips may also be abroad, rendering many mobile data plans obsolete. This is where Pre Paid data SIM cards come in. Spend £30 topping up a data SIM for use in whichever country you may be travelling to, and stay connected throughout your holiday.

These different plan types all have their use depending on the user’s needs, so get searching for the SIM card slot on your tablet to open up its full potential!

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