We list the top five Windows Phones.
Windows phone

If you are looking for a windows phone rather than being tempted by an iPhone or Android smartphone then we have compiled a list.

1. Nokia Lumia 930 –

Offers a great 5 inch full HD display which offers sharpness, excellent colour depth and 441ppi. It also features a 20 megapixal camera. It has 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB of Ram. Great phone but as with many smartphones, bettery life is not great needing to be charged once a day. Priced at around £290 not bad value when compared with similar phones. Tech score 8.5/10

2. Microsoft Lumia 950 –

Available for Pre-order in time for Christmas. Microsoft’s next flagship phone will be the first handset to come installed with Windows Phone 10. It’s 5.2 inch screen is decent, and a fairly standard size by today’s standards. The build quality, too, is solid, but consists of a plastic clam shell, so it will never feel like a truly premium phone. Whether you want this phone or not depends on whether you want Windows phone 10: A niche operating system that will feel at home with PC-first users. The much touted Continuum lets you work on full sized office programs by docking with a monitor & keyboard. It does a lot to impress travelling business persons an current fans of the windows format, and with Microsoft making efforts to ease the process of porting apps to the windows platform, we can expect the Windows Phone store to once again rival that of it’s Google & Apple rivals. The 950 is available for pre-order at around £450. Tech Score: 8.5/10

3. Microsoft Lumia 640 –

A capable handset for £120. Get the great Windows Phone build quality and a slick operating systems that is intuitive to use and great for casual smartphone users. The front facing camera features a wide angle lens making it great for taking group selfies. Simple to use and with a good sized 5 inch screen and a long battery life, this entry level phone is great for first time buyers of smart phones, with everything you need to get going. However with its average specifications and low pixel density cameras this phone would not be suitable for power users of hobbyist photographers. Tech Score 6.5/10

4. Nokia Lumia 1020 –

Released in 2013, the 1020 is beginning to show its age. This bulky, heavy phone is not the flagship it once was and it’s lack of an SD card slot holds it back, so Why is it on this list? the Nokia Lumia 1020 heralds back to a time when Microsoft and Nokia’s relationship was blossoming and this really shows in the build quality, and this is ignoring the elephant in the room. With its 41 mega pixel camera with e deep hefty sensor this ageing phone is still in many ways unrivaled in terms of smartphone camera picture quality. This 1020 is still as deserving now of its reputation as the phone that can replace your camera. Tech Score 7/10

5. BLU Win JR 4G Dual Sim Smartphone –

Offers good 4.5 inch display running Windows 8.1 Upgradeable to windows 10 Qualcomm Snapdragon 410. 1.2GB Quad-core with 64 Bit Architecture. It has 1GB Ram, 8GB Internal memory. MicroSD slot for up to 64GB. Features 5MP auto focus rear camera with LED flash. This is great phones at very low cost around £69 Tech Score 6/10